Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Removing Toilet Bowl Stains Naturally

Hey kittens! Happy New Year! Just a quick note to tell you I discovered a new method of cleaning disgusting black stains from the toilet. Our water is harder than hammered hell, and my toilets are scuzzy with black manganese stains. Yesterday, in an effort to douche out my entire house down to the microbial level, I tried a homemade paste that worked marvelously.
You need cream of tartar, hydrogen peroxide, an old toothbrush (reuse, reuse, reuse!) and a scurfy toilet.
Mix the powdered cream of tartar with enough peroxide to form a paste, and get to scrubbing. I can't believe how clean all of our porcelain gods are. So much nicer to stick my head into during flu season, right?!?