Sunday, August 23, 2009

Green and Natural Pet Supplies

My little Boston princess' favorite toy is eco-friendly!
Zogoflex dog toys

Best Biscuits
My little darlings aren't finnicky; all the trainers (and whisperers and psychologists) we've had told us Bostons are notorious for wanting to chew and are mainly motivated by food. I realized this long before I paid a king's ransom to learn these particulars! I am always concerned about the quality of food for our pups. Since cookies and tweeties are such a mainstaple, I searched and searched for something tasty, but more holistic in nature. I wanted an American product (no imports for my babies) that was free from fillers and preservatives. Enter Wysong (below)


  1. Thank you Kitty for doing the research so that we can just go out there, make the purchase, feeling good about what we are buying. I agree - I don't want to fill my sweet pup up with fillers and garbage. She deserves better than that. Your furry children are SO adorable. Your a great pet parent
    Xx deb

  2. Deb, thanks! I'll be featuring lots of healthy pet products here; I look for treats that have been extruded rather than formed because the former products contain no fillers. They break more because the fillers are there to hold the shape, but that's OK with me because they last longer. I end up breaking treats anyway because my tubba bubba is on a diet! I appreciate you stopping by!