Tuesday, September 15, 2009

More Biodegradable Picnic Products

There are times when you just can't feasibly feed a huge crowd (or even just a big one) using proper plates, napkins and glassware: field trips, scouting & sporting events, parties beyond your china capacity and the like. So you use the paper plates and plastic cups and sporks, feeling guilty for denuding a forest for your fete. Never fear, Kitty is here with the latest in biodegradable serving products.
As seen in an earlier post, corn plastic can be used to make disposable cups. Utensils can be made from a similar starch product, Spudware or bamboo. I have seen sugar cane products at the store as well. Some food manufacturers are even packaging with such eco-friendly choices. I guess I could get my miso soup anywhere, but I prefer Annie Chun's for the bio-bowl. Personally, I think disposables are terribly wasteful, and plastics aren't for everyday culinary use - but I don't feel as wasteful knowing my container won't be around long after I am not! Restaurant owners please take note of the new options in take-out supplies!

Sugar cane bowls from Gaiam

Plates, also made from sugar cane fibers left over from extracting the juice from the plant.

Spudware made from plant starches makes an eco-difference!

Bagesse cups: also made from sugar cane fibers. I like this material even better than paper because the products are made from by-products of sugar manufacturing instead of trees. We need all the trees we can get!


  1. Amazing how bamboo can be made to eco friendly products these days...Great post!

  2. lenore, hello! i just picked up some bamboo products at the grocery the other day. as soon as we eat with them, i will let you know how they work out. toodles, kitty.

  3. I agree with lenore, the biodegradable products available these days are pretty incredible. Speaking of being green, I just switched to cloth diapers today...Yay!:)

  4. swell life: yay you! cloth diapers are a huge help for the planet! i'm thinking your baby's tushie will thank you, too. i have heard that babies who wear cloth are out of diapers faster than their pamper-wearing counterparts. thanks for popping by!

  5. Thanks Kitty! Biodegradable is still new to the U.S. We need to realize resources are exhaustible!

  6. Theresa: you are so right! We have to end our dependence on petroleum products, including those we heretofore have been eating off of and the petrochemicals we slather onto our bodies as well! Thanks for coming by!