Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Vinegar Attacks Hard Water Stains and Scale

Hello Kittens,
As if these 4 Blogger blogs, my yoga blog, and my yoga website weren't enough, I recently began working over on eHow. This evening, I was scrolling through content and came up with this gem:

Our grandmothers used vinegar for cleaning, and to rid our homes of toxic fumes and save money, we should as well! Vinegar and an old toothbrush are my favorite tools for attacking lime deposits around the faucets. Not only do I avoid scratching the metal finish as I might otherwise using commercial abrasives, but I avoid breathing in harsh chemicals whose residues could potentially contaminate water from the faucet as well. Click on the eHow link above for an excellent tutorial on cleaning with vinegar at home. Be well! Love, Kitty


  1. Kitty what would we do w/o you? How cool to be working @ eHow? I must check it out and learn more. I'm game for using vinegar. I've tried it for cleaning the grout with soda on my kitchen floor & it worked well. Plus (call me weird) I love how it smells! Hope you are doing good, you and your kiddos? Be well too xxx

  2. Deb: how marvelous to hear from you! Yes, I think it's weird you like the smell of vinegar. I add a little essential oil to my spray bottle when I use it; when I gave Hubbs the Heisman (thanks Jenni from My favorite and my best for that euphemism), I got rid of all the douchiness around here, so....yeah. I mix in a little lavender oil to freshen it up. Gotta be careful with that, though. The oils can oxidize and stain. XO your Kitty!